Sunday, July 01, 2012


Sidekick limited-edition signed art portfolios will be carried at this year’s comic-con in San Diego by Schanes Products, Booth 5504.

These portfolios are signed by the creators Todd Kauffman (me) and Joey So. Each portfolio contains 10 original images from the series, plus bonus artwork as well, all bound is a stunning folder jacket.

The edition run is 100 and only 15 portfolios will be made  available at Comic-Con. Orders can be placed with Steve as well, as we expect them to sell out.

COMIC-CON 2012 San Diego
July 12th to July 15th
Schanes Products Booths 5504
Steve’s 3 booths are located just inside the "A" entrance of the Convention Center.
This is his 42nd Comic-con.

email :>
cel: 1-619 922-0963


Vitt said...

Oh man, I love the show! I'd really like to have one of those portfolios!!! :'(

Heather said...

I'm sad I missed seeing these in person! Comic-Con is so massive && I probably walked by the boots a few times too! D:

I hope that one of these days, you && Thorny will be at SDCC. The TDI/Sidekick fans out here would flip! :]

Todd Kauffman said...

Ya - we're hoping to go next year. We're usually just to busy that time of year. I'll do a post if we do decide to go to let the fans know where to find us. Thanks!