Monday, March 04, 2013


9th Life Promo by Paul Watling

 9TH LIFE has been optioned by DHX Media!?!?! 
Yup it's true. Sherman and Ronald are back at it in our all new, re-imagined animated series about a happy-go-lucky cat that has frittered away his first eight lives and is oblivious to the fact that he’s living his last. The spiritual remains of Sherman’s past eight lives want desperately to move on to Kitty-Kat Heaven, but until all nine of Sherman’s lives are united, the eight are stuck in Limbo. Unable to do physical harm to their own bodies, they must possess someone else and have them do the dirty work. Sherman’s best pal and co-worker, Ronald is the poor unfortunate stooge who gets possessed by the ghosts and finds himself as the unwitting assassin. Led by the spirits within him, he unknowingly tries each episode to kill his life-long pal, and suffers the consequences of each failed attempt.
Above is a sample of our promo storyboard by Paul Watling - Enjoy!

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Mick said...

that pointing eye is genius