Sunday, August 27, 2006

Crush Is Coming...


He will be numbered and come with a signed 3D COA (certificate of authenticity). Also in the box will be a pair of original MCH (monstrocity high) 3D glasses for your viewing pleasure.


Seppo said...

It looks awesome!I definitely want one. If you don't mind, how to you go about making a figure from your own designs? Is there a company that does it for you? I'd be very interested in finding out how it's done?

Todd Kauffman said...

just scroll down - i've documented the whole thing - if you still have any questions just let me know;)

Smook said...

Save one for ME!

Mark Ackland said...

Save one for me too!!!

g-fifty said...

Very nice guys! Great work!

potato farm girl said...

I want to adopt him. He can hang with my Pinky St.s!

Anonymous said...

Where are you selling these?
(The Silver Snail,The Beguiling?)

How much?
(Canadian Dollars/American Dollars)

Todd Kauffman said...

details coming soon.

Scott Wright said...

This is so cool!

Anonymous said...

Looks great.
Ever thought about putting out a
rubber "gumby-esque" version
with two legs, two arms, twistable
neck and torso?

Justin K. Thompson said...

Lots of nice stuff, Todd! thanks for stopping by!

geenpool said...

i'm buying one now...the check is in the mail....tho, i might have sent it to the wrong, maybe i'll send another check...can't wait. it looks sooooo durn purdy.

Todd Kauffman said...

yes, good idea greenpool. please continue with the check sending;)

Anonymous said...

How 'bout a snap together kit
with hatches for body cavities?
The hatches could be opened and
filled with ketchup and molasses (maple syrup if the buyer lives in or is married to a Canadian).

The cavities could be outlined with "stitches" that line up when
the hatches are closed (to avoid
placing the wrong hatches on the wrong cavities).The ketchup and
molasses (or maple syrup) could
ooze out variou orifices when the hatches are snapped shut.

You could sell seperate little
packages of assorted "guts" made
of macaroni, spaghetti and rice.

Just a suggestion.

Thatcher. said...

save me one dude!pleeeeeasee!! wanna be cool don't you? common you know you waaaana!