Monday, March 05, 2007

Hello? Is there anybody out there....?

Anyone looking to work on this STOP-MOTION film
-- in Toronto --
is encouraged, nay, ordered to send their resumés, portfolios or reels to


Mr Roundcat said...

Hey dude!!! thanks for the kind words on my blog!...and because you were the first to comment! win!!!!!! All the words in this response...ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!!!.

Seriously Todd. Thanks man. You know I dig all the work on yours man. Don't know how ya get it all done and looking so great!!!

Kevin Barber said...

Hey Todd,

Just wanted to recomend a very talented stop motion friend of mine in Toronto, Marc Beatreaux.Not sure of his availiability but he's real good and located in T -town.I emailed him your blogspot.

( Sorry,..let me introduce myself .I currently work with Javier Guzman who's done some freelance work for you.I also used to work with Ruben Procopio at Disney Feature Animation in Florida and helped him set up his blog.And,... my wife went to school with your Neptoon partner Mark.Anyway,...I've always admired your work and this blog and thought this a good opp to introduce myself.The animation industry seems to be 3 degrees of seperation eh ? Love the Puff'n Stuff.)

Kevin Barber said...

By the way,..i hope you don't think i was name dropping .I just find it amusing how everyone in this industry is linked by 1 or 2 mutual friends or work aquaintences.

Todd Kauffman said...

WOW - that is pretty weird. Thanks for the kind words and the name - seems Marc's the man to talk to in the stop-motion bizz.

Be sure to say hi to Javier and Ruben for me. We're heading out to LA shortly for some business - maybe we'll run into eachother?


Mark Ackland said...

ha! and I know Marc Beatreaux...haven't seen him in years though. A fine Australian fella!