Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quick Doodles...


damon said...


Anonymous said...

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Todd Kauffman said...

Anonymous you son of a bitch! i'll get you for this!!! mark my word...MARK THEM!

#1TDiFan said...

Wow I wonder who wrote that.
Probably some loser with no job.
(I'm talking about Anonymous' comment).

Anonymous said...

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Ribs said...

Wow, I bet those casino sites are awesome from Anon's great descriptions! I'm headed there right now!

Seriously...what is the point of blog comments spam bots?

Anonymous said...

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james_william_walsh said...

happy new year todd, great work on up in here!!
you got that spam thing i see,, i had that for a while,, some get pretty gruesome. you just have to set your comments so that people have to type in wierd code words like, spLAM5X.

cant wait to see more toon zombie stuff.. great tattoo too.

Mick said...

most charming