Thursday, September 29, 2005


Liette (Ember) is on a quest of self discovery - she isn't what she appears to be...hell, she isn't even human.
With some help from "Fate" she will realize her destiny.

Fate: "Have you ever heard it said that your destiny chooses you?"

I did this stuff awhile back when I was in my "if it's not Disney it's SH*T" phase - I even asked my friend Joey So, a seven yr Disney veteran to do the below clean up for me. - I was such a tool.


Smook said...

While they are both great, that first image is just stunning, Todd! I remember seeing it once upon a time at the studio years ago. You are a man of many talents my friend! The man of a thousand styles!

Todd Kauffman said...

you're a peach, smook.

Blammo said...

You are one bad mother f#*ker!

Beautiful stuff!

Monkeyfeather said...

Always liked your stuff, but these Ember designs are GORGEOUS! Quite a diversity of styles you have. Hope to see more of this Ember. Inspiring stuff.