Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Perfect Name...

I usually turn to baby naming books for inspiration. The whole cast in this series was named that way except this guy. Carmine was a guy my mom used to date and Ravezollo was the last name of a girl my friend dated in high school. Please don't sue me.

Dr. Carmine Ravezollo:
Your typical run of the mill mob enforcer/physician. Dr. Ravezollo has the looks of someone more likely to put you in the hospital than treat you once you’re there.

Kind of a weird style...I find I don't draw much like this anymore. I think I was just coming off of "Bob & Magaret" when I did this line-up. A style sticks with me for awhile then fades away or morphs into something else.

I'm not sure if Carmine Ravezollo is the "the perfect name" for this guy but it stuck.

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Bruno Werneck said...

I guess I should thank you. Some people were saying this guys looks like me...