Sunday, October 23, 2005

9th Life Sets...

Here are some 9th Life sets in the process of being built.

My partner (business) and I are about to embark on our second project involving "sets"- only this time we're going full out stopmotion ( i can't wait).

The two of us were really just cutting our teeth on 9th Life and I think both of us saw it as more of a learning experience than anything else.

All exterior elements (signs and such) were added in flash to help marry the flash characters to the BG's.


SteveLambe said...

Good lord...those are beauties, Todd. I've only gotten to see one episode of Sherman, and it was really cool to see something so unique.

Still hoping that Nelvana will put out all of Fun Pak episodes as a boxset:(

jastolfo said...

One of the most innovative projects in the whole Funpack series. Against all odds even.
A visual pleasure to say the least.

Smook said...

I agree with Jeff......A very creative premise and I remember when your partner (business) showed me some of the sets! Tremendous stuff!

the doodlers said...

Sherman is a really fine show... we hope that something more comes of it! Good luck to you and Mark with the new stop motion adventure. Sounds exciting!