Tuesday, October 11, 2005

9th Life...

An everyday Cat-About-Town, Sherman has frittered away the first 8 of his lives and is oblivious to the fact that he’s living his last. Each episode finds a carefree Sherman working at a different job with his pal Ronald, completely unaware that he is in danger of “giving up the ghost”.
The spiritual remains of Sherman’s past 8 lives want desperately to move on to Kitty-Kat Heaven, but until all 9 of Sherman’s lives are united, the 8 are stuck in Limbo. Unable to do physical harm to their own body, they must possess someone else and have them do the dirty work.

Sherman’s best pal and co-worker, Ronald is the poor unfortunate stooge who gets possessed by the ghosts and finds himself as the unwitting assassin. Led by the spirits within him, he unknowingly tries each episode to kill his life-long pal, and suffers the consequences of each failed attempt.

A large looming force, Mr. Titis appears in each episode as somewhat of an obstacle for Ronald. Whether he’s playing as Sherman and Ronald’s boss, or as the subject of a stakeout, when he and Ronald meet, it’s never good for Ronald.

The 9th Life of Sherman Phelps was created by me and Mark Thornton and is a Nelvana production. The show runs on YTV, Thursday nights at 7:30.

See more info on the show at the YTV link ~ HERE


Brianne said...

So cute! The humans and other creatures are cool too!

the doodlers said...

Hi Todd, (and Mark),

These are excellent characters and Sherman is a terrific show. We recall watching you guys shooting the bgs one night, LATE. Why don't you post something explaining how you built those nifty sets?

PS You can check out the (blurry picture of you guys on our report from the Ottawa Fest. (in the photo essay link)

Todd Kauffman said...

thanks guys...will do