Monday, April 30, 2007


We started our day with a hearty American breakfast. Sure it was $8.55 but well worth it when you take into consideration that they hand place every onion into the side of your chili for you - yummy!

Then we took a jaunt up to Bronson Canyon and stole some authentic BATCAVE rocks.

If you run through the Batcave like Pauly here you find a perfect spot to take a picture of the Hollywood sign.

We drove an hour out of LA to visit Burt Ward at his ranch. He lives in a very surreal neighborhood where people walk their pet lamas down sidewalks made of dirt.

Burt and his daughter Melody took us all out for lunch to the CHINA STAR - "a Chinese buffet with the best french fries you'll ever eat". We all talked business while Melody entertained us with Rodney Dangerfield impressions.

We ended the day at the Universal City walk. It's a cool little tourist trap with all sorts of great things to look at.
Big thanks to Andrew and Tracy for leading the way.

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