Monday, July 31, 2006


Here's some development I had done for Greg Collinson awhile back. His only direction was to have fun with it - I tried some anime inspired stuff, not the greatest but it was fun...even the Yu-gi-oh ripoff:)

Greg's a great guy to work for and super easy to get along with. He's a great talent, killer painter and he just so happens to have his very own series premiering this Saturday on Teletoon @ 5pm.

So anyone in Teletoon range check it out!!! The show looks wicked Greg - congrats!


Santy GutiƩrrez said...


potato farm girl said...

Oh cool! I like the girls hair, especially the one with the dreds thing going on. It's neat to see all the different styles you can do.

Jared Deal said...

check it out dude...
hope ya don't mind a little publicity
you can leave something in the "comments" section if there's anything you wanna add. Brian is great you should give him a shout, lemme know if you want his contact info.

Stephen Studios said...

wow todd, you can do everystyle! I thought you could only do flash design. THESE DRAWINGS ROCK!!!


Alina Chau said...

WOW!! awesome works!

Anonymous said...

Just want to tell you I think it says something very good about you
that you do allow anonymous comments on your blog.

Other bloggers have a tendency to
overcongratulate each other.An orgy
of back slapping."You're Wonderful"
"Yes.Yes I am, But not nearly as
wonderful as you" on and on ad nauseum.

Anonymity allows for a sincere
constructive criticism without fear of reprisal or alienation.

Anonymous said...

aw shut up.

Paridhi said...

wow great characters.......and u have got different stlye's ..i liked it.