Monday, July 03, 2006

The Perfects...

Here's a very rough CG mock-up my friend Dean Outschoorn did for creepy is this dude.

This is a repost - I had created a robot family and needed to round out my premise with some humans for them to interact with...I looked to Bruno Salamone for inspiration. His style is loose, fun and colorful and it was similar to the one I was working with already. I'm a big fan of Salamone's work. I could only hope one would look at these designs and see the influence.
Here are some rough thumbnail BG's for the show - I love throwing them in PS and playing with the hue.

Here's the one sheet for the show concept that goes with the rejection letter a few posts down.
I still think it's a funny idea - they be trippin'.


g-fifty said...

cool stuff dude!

Alina Chau said...

THese are very cool concept arts!

The Man Named LaMancha said...

I love your work man, very inspiring.


Stephen Studios said...

I didnt know you were doing 3d. Well, if you do the perfects in 3d it'll be great! The concepts you spit out are amazing!