Saturday, July 15, 2006

Neptoon's 1st Vinyl - Work In Progress...

Jared and Garnet introduced me and Mark to master sculpter Eric Nocella Diaz. After seeing his work on their vinyl - BUZZ - we knew we'd found our guy.
CRUSH is one of the main characters in our concept series "Monstrocity High" and Neptoon Studios 1st vinyl "toy". I use the term toy lightly - we see it more as an interesting and fun way of building a potential audience and industry awareness - blah blah blah.
CRUSH will be unveiled Friday, July 28th, at the 'Live with Animals' Gallery (210 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211; entrance to the gallery on Metropolitan). Opening reception is from 6-9pm. The show, curated by Jared Deal.
The process has been really wild - fun to see our creation pop off the page. I'll be posting work in progress pics - so check back soon.


Robokid said...

Love that style.
I was doing some vinyl toys too last year. so grat to see drawings become 3d, innit?
best, luis ^o^

Todd Kauffman said...

thx - i'd luv to see your vinyl work.

Anonymous said...

ever seen the comic Monster High school? this looks like that