Friday, September 08, 2006

Monstrocity High Faculty...

Now that the Monster and Human schools have been stitched together the teachers are finding it hard to deal with the shared curriculum.

Mr. Goon, biology teacher, can't seem to stomach the thought of frog dissection while his Human counterpart, Miss Applecrabs, seems to relish the idea of cutting into a Quadrojellian Splat Bug.
Those human's are so creepy.


Kanokadafi said...

awesome design as usual Kauffman

paublo said...

haha..he's awesome tk!!

Anonymous said...

Love the character.
Love the look of the character.

The name needs work, however.
(Calling a goon "Goon" is like calling a skunk "Skunkie" or a rabbit "Bunny".
Uninspired,painfully obvious,
not worthy of the originality
of the overall concept.)

Todd Kauffman said...

The "Skunkie and Bunny" Show!!! copyrite neptoon studios.

Thanks again Anonymous;)

Anonymous said...

Your point would almost make sense if they had called him "Creatie" or something equally as stupid but he's not a goon at all, he's the Creature from the Black Lagoon!

Evan said...

Anonymous (if that IS your real name), the character is not a "goon". "Goon" is obviously short for "lagoon" as in "Creature from the Black Lagoon". It is a bit confusing, tho. I would suggest "Mr. LaGoon" or "Monsieur LaGune".

paublo said...

anonymous..."L. Goon", short for Lagoon.. your lack of insight and imagination reflects your lack of talent.. i saw nothing posted on the "anonymous blog".. stop embarrassing yourself.

Robokid said...

awesomeness as usual.

Anonymous said...

I draw a lot like you paublo,
which is exactly why I don't
post on my website. I'm waiting
for my hands to heal.What's your

Type what you want, fellas, but the
name still doesn't work. Students
and faculty will refer to the character as Proffessor Goon or
Mister Goon. His friends might call
him L.G. (algae) but the black
lagoon reference will be lost.

Evan's right about changing it to
La Goon.

Anonymous said...

Sha---I mean,"Larry"..
Is that you?

Anonymous said...

You should spend more time gripping
a pencil.Gripping your balls hasn't
paid off in the art department.
Say it 'taint so.

paublo said...

you're still missing the point're the one to cowardly to post your own art. it's easy to throw insults, hiding behind an anonymous identity. i'll end it here 'cause i managed to shake the juvenile imaturity of a 14 yr old girl. hope your hands heal..stop sticking your fist so far up your ass, and try to get a life.

Mega said...

woo, this place is heating up!

Great Drawing TK, lovin that flow man! I picked up the name right away too, actually, i noticed that before i looked at the drawing.

Anonymous said...

You're the one missing the point,
paublo.I wrote that I love the
character and that I love the look
of the character.

You took issue with my criticizing
the name of the character L.Goon.
The name doesn't work for me (and
at least one other person who posted here). I wouldn't have
posted my criticism if I didn't
believe Todd and Mark weren't capable of something better.

I'd rather have an "enemy"
telling me where I could improve
my work than a "friend" like you
trying to convince me to love the
smell of my own shit.

Anonymous said...

Look up the word "goon". You'll find it has two meanings.

1.oaf, simpleton
2.hired thug

Forget "Alice the Goon" from the
Popeye cartoons (99.9% of your
target audience don't know who
she was)

Your character has a menacing look,
It's not much of a stretch to think of him as someone who would intimidate and/or lean on his students.Since he was hired by the school board or principal it could
be argued that he is "thug" or "goon".

Got that paublo?

paublo said...

look up the word anonymous.. take note of the 3rd example

1. without any name acknowledged, as that of author, contributor, or the like: an anonymous letter to the editor; an anonymous donation.
2. of unknown name; whose name is withheld: an anonymous author.
3. lacking individuality, unique character, or distinction

Seppo said...

I guess I shouldn't give my suggestion of calling him Mr.GreenFish...Great stuff as always!

Anonymous said...

Look up your previous post, paublo.
You know, the one about ending it.
Must be the 14 year old girl in you
typing that latest entry.

As for your posted #3. definition of "anonymous".
You just don't know.
Maybe I'm great.
Spectacularily original.
Or maybe I'm every bit as mediocre and derivative as you seem to be .
(As evidenced by the work on your
personal blog)
You just don't know.

But that's not the point is it,
you "goon" {as in "simpleton"}?

My comments are based soley on the
name L. Goon.

Todd Kauffman said...

what fun - keep it clean boys - there may be children reading this.

Anonymous said...

Paul Mccartney came up with a
beautiful melody years ago. He didn't have lyrics, just a beautiful melody.He called the tune
"Scrambled Eggs" until he came up
with the lyrics that everyone is noe familiar with.
The title of the song "Scrambled Eggs" was changed to "Yesterday".

Paublo would have told McCartney to leave the song as it was,
as an ode to breakfast.

Anonymous said...

There is a child reading this,Todd. The 14 year old
man-girl paublo.
He/She is probably fondling
his/her taint reaching balls as he/she is reading this.

Todd Kauffman said...

WOW - these new hit counters are so revealing.

Sometimes people aren't as anonymous as they think they are;)

Erick Scarecrow said...

LOL! Reminds me of my old High School biology teacher. Shout out to Mr. Carol!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have a problem with you
knowing who I am, Todd. I post
anonymously so I don't have to deal
with people like paublo.Paublo took
offence to my criticism of the name
L. Goon. I didn't (and still don't)
like the name in it's present form.

I do regret using the words "uninspired" and "painfully
obvious" in my initial post because
of their harshness.I used those
words to emphathise my reaction to
the name not you or your work.

Anonymous said...

In retrospect I can see that I
would have been far more effective
if I had just written that I don't
care for the name and stated a few
reasons why ( without the inherent
sarcasm in the skunkie and bunny
examples ). The thread deteriorated
soon after that and for my part in
that downward spiral I apologise.

potato farm girl said...

Ewwww....instead of forearm hair he has fins...ewwwww.....

paublo said...

anonymous, i bet you are spectacular.. shine on you crazy diamond. i never claimed to be a great artist... quite the opposite, and obviously you agree. i never said i was opposed to criticism either, as a “mediocre and derivative” artist i rely on this to better my craft.. yours is noted, thank you. I think however, you should not be ashamed to offer advise. i would be more prone to act on advice given by a respected peer or colleague, anonymity has a faceless value with little conviction. this of course is just my opinion, with which i am sure you will find fault, and that my friend would be your opinion, that you are rightfully entitled to. sorry todd for boring your fans with this silly discussion.. this is it for me.

Stephen Studios said...

todd this is my favorite character design!! I am in love with this character design! Great work!


Todd Kauffman said...

thx stephen.

Anonymous said...

This is a true story:

A movie about a submarine was
playing in a packed theater in the
1950s. The submarine came upon an
iceberg impeding its path in what
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The crowd, realising the kid was
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The kid had never written a screenplay (chances are he'd
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and he hadn't come across any icebergs in his limited travels.
What qualified him to make such
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Were the smart, talented people
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mention the mistake for fear of
losing their jobs for correcting
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A mistake that almost any 10 year
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My point, paublo -and I would have
made it on your blog if you allowed anonymous comments- is
that a suggestion, with the best of intentions, should be judged on
the merits of what the suggestion
says NOT on WHO says it.

Sorry about using your blog to express my opinion on the value
of "anonymity", Todd. Now that
I've stated my case I hope to God
(and paublo) that this is the last
word on the subject.

hobo divine said...

Todd love your artwork, keep on rockin' it!

and Paublo don't get mad,
empty vessel makes the most noise.