Friday, September 15, 2006

Yami 2...

Razz, a humble orphan searching for his missing father stumbles upon Yami 2. Having no memory of his maker Yami 2 and Razz quickly realize that their past is somehow inexplicably linked. Razz learns to harness the power of his robot by using the mysterious Synbitek Key once belonging to his father. Razz joins forces with Mango Jet, a Synbitek engineering prodigy who helps perfect his battle technique to become the master of the world’s most powerful robot.
The invincible Yami 2, fueled by artificial intelligence and a specialized arsenal of unique weapons. An unstoppable robot who’s potential far surpasses its predecessor. Yami 2’s whereabouts have eluded all who desire to control its ultimate power…until now.

Yami 2 is the ultimate anime parody!
It’s a satirical look at all the things that make anime shows great. Limited human animation with awesome full robot animation, crazy messed up lip sync, insane screaming kids, cross dressing villains and of course endless amounts of panning speed lines! Yami 2's the anime show you won’t be embarrassed to enjoy because it’s got street cred.


Mukpuddy said...

I need to know more dude, is this something you're pitching? Coz is sounds freakin awesome!!!

Chris Battle said...

oooohh... I think I really, really like this.

Bottom drawing's awesome!